Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How fast do you drive?

If you're driving is anything like mine, the speed limit is merely a suggestion.  I think most Americans feel the same way and if the majority is going well over the speed limit . . . I guess I'm guilty as charged!

Now in Texas they've moved the speed limit to 85.  Yes, 85!  State Highway 130 is now posted at 85 and you won't be getting a ticket!  There's a 40 mile stretch of a new toll road that is between Austin and San Antonio, but it's not free.  It will cost you $6.17 one way.  That's actually a bargain considering the highways in Chicago have a lot of tolls and most of the time you can't move at all!  :)

How fast do you feel safe driving? 

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  1. Wow 85??? I would not feel safe. I don't like to go over 75 at the most. However, I did get a ticket one time for going 83 in a 70, but that was back in my early 20's. Now at 28 I feel like an old lady driver. LOL


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