Friday, October 5, 2012

Mrs. Fields Cookies!

October is national cookie month and Mrs. Fields is in rare form!  I have heard that there are FREE chocolate chip cookies at the stores for the asking, but can't verify on her website. 

The information from Mrs. Fields that I am able to share is that there will be special deals at all month long.  The best part is that by answering a simple question in the comments section, you’ll be entered to win a one-year subscription to the Treat of the Month Club, which is a fresh delivery of Mrs. Fields cookies, brownies, and treats every month for an entire year. (That’s $350 worth of YUM!)

Question: What’s your favorite cookie memory? Was it baking cookies in your grandma’s kitchen? Delivering a batch of cookies to your first boyfriend or girlfriend? Stopping for a cookie at the shopping mall?
Go ahead, tell Mrs. Fields all about it -- she wants to hear! 

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