Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Preparing for Winter?!

How many of you are preparing for the winter months ahead?  Do you stock in anything special (food, movies, books, warm socks) on the off-chance that you will be snowbound?  Growing up in the country, we were much more prepared for the likelihood that we could/would be unable to get to a store (or see other civilization) for up to a week. I recall once being stuck at a neighbors house with the school bus driver and the rest of the kids left on the route for 3 days! 

Living in the city and being able to walk to the grocer has its advantages!  Yet, I still find myself overstocking certain foods! 

This weather forecast from the Farmer's Almanac (my must read!):

Our winter forecast predicts big chills for much of the U.S. Temperatures will be much colder than last year from Texas and the Dakotas eastward, while the Great Salt Lake and areas from El Paso to Detroit to Virginia Beach should brace for heavy snowfall. In Canada, temperatures will be colder everywhere exept for the northern Maritimes and western British Columbia. Snowfall will be below normal in central Canada but above normal in most of the east and west.

I can't imagine a milder winter than last year.  This fall the squirrels and racoons are going crazy packing away their provisions.  Historically that meant your area would receive a lot of snow.  Maybe I should ready the shovels?!

What do you do to prepare for winter?

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