Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's UWD

Urban Word of the Day:  California stop

Definition:  The act of slowing down but not fully stopping when driving.

Used in a Sentence:  Amy got a ticket for making a California stop when turning right at the intersection.


  1. LOL i will have to try this thanks

  2. oh lawd, this bothers me so much! might as well not even try to stop. it's right up there with not using a turn signal, or almost coming to a complete stop to make a right turn into a parking lot. grrrr. lol.

  3. lol. I also call this a parking lot stop. People (at least around here) tend to believe a stop sign in a parking lot doesn't mean anything. Drives me crazy!

  4. I wonder what Californian's think of this term. Also it bothers me when a driver will almost do a California stop onto a major road. I see them speeding up to the intersection, not sure if they're going to stop, but then they do with their front bumpers (or more) basically sticking out into traffic. Technically you're supposed to stop before the crosswalk and/or stop sign, then creep.

  5. Having spent a bit of time in LA, I can certainly see where this one came from!


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