Monday, November 26, 2012

Out of touch

I admit it -- I've been rather out of touch lately.  My sisters came to Chicago and we did the Thanksgiving thing.  It was amazing, as always.  Whenever they come to visit there's never enough time to fit in everything we want to do!

We did do a lot of eating, drinking, shopping and even got my Christmas tree up and the outside of my house decorated (more of that fell on my dear Brother-in-Law!)  I haven't bought many presents yet, but hope to get some of that done today (shhhh) on-line from the comfort of my desk. 

Are you doing your shopping live and in-person this year or more on-line?  I would be curious about the ratio.  I think mine is going to be about 50/50.  How about you?


  1. I haven't bought anything yet and hoping to do more online than in store. Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

  2. Absolutely fantastic weekend, F040! Would have been better in MN, but Chicago was fun!

  3. Thinking I will be more like 90/10 online. Love shopping while lounging on the couch with the fireplace going!!

  4. I love it too Pam -- so nice to come home to boxes stacked neatly and no crowds. There are some things that I HAVE to get in a store though.

  5. I will probably be doing my shopping 50/50. There are certain things I can only find online for my daughter.


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