Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Paddy Long's Beer & Bacon Pub!

Heart healthy?  Probably not.
Sound amazing?  Absolutely! 

Living Social has a deal here: 

For $18 you'll sample five seasonal, international microbrews paired with five cuts of bacon -- think hickory-smoked, cracked pepper, Danish, and apple-wood strips, among others. Past offerings have included Metropolitan Krankshaft K├Âlsch paired with Irish bacon and Stone Smoked Porter with brown sugar bacon, but they rotate, so you'll have to go more than once!


  1. I wiSH i Lived closer. this sounds amazing. I like to try new things and this would have been great to do with my husband

  2. Oh my! Portland totally needs one of these! Beer and bacon for a southern girl this is Heaven! Yum!


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