Friday, December 28, 2012

Draftmark #Review

I love hanging out with friends -- watching football, eating hot dogs and pretzels and having a great time.  What goes better with football than beer?  Unfortunately, to get a nice draught taste at home means you have to haul in a big, heavy keg.  Ordinarily I don't bother because we won't go through a keg (or even a half) during a football game. 

When BzzAgent offered me the chance to try out the new Draftmark Tap System I was all-in! 

There are a variety of beer available in the specifically designed 1 gallon bottles.  They include Budweiser, Shock Top Belgian White, Bass Pale Ale, Michelob and Goose Island.  The tap handle has a small magnetic plate that you can change according to the beer you are serving.  It's really easy to switch bottles and it fit very easily into my refrigerator.  One of my favorite features is that since Draftmark makes sure that no oxygen comes in contact with your beer, it stays fresh in your fridge up to 30 days!  Another plus is that each refill has its own draught spout, so switching to a different beer is no problem.  You won't get any of that "stale line" taste that you sometimes get at some bars. 

The Draftmark system is available at high end grocery stores and various liquor stores.  The liquor store where I found it had the system marked at $55, excluding the beer, so while it's not cheap you only have to buy it once and you'll get a perfect pour -- every time! 

I'm a BzzAgent!  Although I received this product at no cost to facilitate my review, my opinions remain my own and may differ from yours.  


  1. Woah! Never knew they made stuff like this. Me and my Dad are avid football fans. This is great.

  2. This is a perfect gift for my friend who always has friends over for games. Thanks for the review

  3. I am thinking about picking this up for my brother-in-law. He loves his beer and I think he would enjoy brewing it. Thank you for great review!

  4. I'm not much on beer but this is pretty cool...I may have to change my tastes lol.

  5. Football season is coming up. For my family, that means Sunday night football and pizza, but for many it's beer time. I like that this stays fresh so long. This is a great way to start brewing your own.
    Sherry compton


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