Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Preparations!

Are you ready for Christmas?  I feel like I'm really not prepared this year! 

ý         Tree decorated
ý         Outside lights
¨         Presents purchased
¨         Presents wrapped


  1. Ugh...I haven't wanted to brave the rain to go out to the garage and drag out the decorations yet. I think it's on the agenda for tomorrow. Definitely snuck up on me this year.

  2. It looks great! I am not ready at all! We usually end up finishing at the last minute, LOL :)

  3. You're not alone! We have the tree up but we haven't hung up outdoor lights yet. Actually, we haven't even bought them yet. (lol)

  4. My favorite Holiday is Christmas!! I don't know why. I love buying presents for my family and seeing the expression on their faces when they open it, though this year most of them know what they're getting. This year I started shopping in October, I know very early but like I said I love Christmas. Beautiful tree you've got there :}

  5. I'm not feeling so prepared this year myself! I've managed getting up the tree and doing some decorations, but that is it!

  6. Lgorecki0509@yahoo.com
    This year I am very far from being ready for Christmas. Our oldest daughter and her boyfriend just moved in with us in order to save money. Seems we have been too busy to get on track with Christmas...once all the unpacking, sorting & cleaning gets done, it will be Christmas Time! Merry Christmas to you & your family!

  7. I love Christmas! This year for some reason i was ready to decorate before Thanksgiving but still waited. I love the looking at the lights in the dark! They are so pretty!! We still need to put up our lights outside though but we our Christmas shopping too!!


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