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Event #5 For My One Year Blogiversary Celebration - Review with Giveaway For Copy-Kids DVD! (US ONLY Ends 01/20/13)

When I received this DVD, I was so very excited to try it out with Daniella. Even though we eat a very healthy diet, we still experience a lot of the typical 2 year old "I don't want to eat that" stuff. While Daniella is generally okay with trying new foods there are still some that she simply takes one look at and won"t of which is broccoli. Which I just don't understand as broccoli is MY favorite vegetable. It is one of very few vegetables that we eat in its cooked form on a regular basis. (We try to eat the large majority of our vegetables in their raw state). Daniella will NOT TOUCH raw or cooked broccoli so I was excited to see if Copy-Kids would help!

What is Copy-Kids?

A joy-filled video and an innovative tool for parents who want to get children to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables.
Copy-Kids is a media company producing video that encourages positive habits in young children, by watching and copying other kids. Copy-Kids unique content — DVD, online and TV — helps parents get their children hooked on healthy and positive habits.
Produced for children aged 6 months to 5 years, Copy-Kids innovative video is fun and compelling for both children and parents.
Copy-Kids launched in January 2012 with our first DVD — Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables.
The DVD features 12 x 7 minute chapters, one for each of twelve fruits & veggies:
bell pepper
Each chapter features several adorable and entertaining children aged 9 months to 4 years, eating with joy and delight. It’s a simple but revolutionary tool for parents who want their kids to develop a life-long habit of healthy eating. The DVD includes an on-camera discussion about healthy eating with renowned pediatrician Dr. Jay Gordon, plus a section of delightful outtakes.
Total Running Time: 115 minutes

 Trust me when I say, this DVD is as adorable as it sounds. Daniella giggled and wiggled through most of it! :)

Take 1:
In order to deter her from being overwhelmed with a bunch of broccoli on her plate, I gave Daniella both broccoli and red bell peppers to try while watching those sections of the DVD.

Then I sat her down and turned the DVD on to Bell Peppers to begin.

Notice any differences between their bell peppers and hers? Yes, theirs were whole, hers was sliced. Plus, they had red, yellow and green, she only had red. She still managed to get a few bites in - mostly when there were other children whose peppers were sliced. She loved Audrey the most though. Such a giggly girl!

When we switched to the broccoli part, things got interesting.

She thought holding the huge chunks of broccoli was fun and she waved them all around.
Some children had chunks like her, others was smaller and cut up, still others was cooked and some was raw. A wide variety here. She demanded a fork once she saw Sayura had one! :) 

She attempted a couple of small nibbles but made the funniest faces whenever she tried the broccoli. She finally reached a point where she would not eat any more. 

Take 2:
Having seen the DVD now, I came a bit more prepared.

This time, I gave her a whole green pepper, about a quarter of a red pepper and a large chunk of broccoli.

This was her response to seeing her plate. Goofy kid. :)

This is Mani eating and exploring his bell peppers. He noticed the seeds inside his - and Daniella found some in hers too, She was pretty amazed by that. I was just grateful that she ate enough to find them! :)


As far as the broccoli went, I think she believed it to be a bouquet of flowers...she kept sniffing it! :)

She got VERY excited when she realized that Mani's broccoli looked like hers - with a large fat stalk!

She decided she wanted to bite the stalk like he did in the DVD!

All in all, she only took 2, maybe 3 bites of broccoli and each time, she made horrible faces like she hated every second of it. I was glad she got a little bit into her though. 

As far as the bell peppers went, she had eaten them a little bit here and there in her salads before but I am hopeful she will be open to eating them a lot more in the future! She seemed to really like them more now.

I haven't tried any parts of the DVD for fruits or other veggies that she typically eats yet to see her response to those. I really tried to stick with ones I knew she was the least likely to eat. She seems more willing to try them now at least. And for that, I am grateful. We will keep trying!

And now - you can enter to win a DVD of your very own of COPY-KIDS! PLUS, they are throwing in a $20 gift certificate to the grocery store of your choice to help you purchase the produce needed to try this DVD with your child!

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