Wednesday, January 30, 2013

#GIVEAWAY 19 for GUNIHCC Blogiversary! Ends 2/14

Event #19 for My One Year Blogiversary Celebration - Review with Giveaway for Bloomers! Edutainment (US Only Ends 02/14/13)

Bloomers! Edutainment has made a wonderful addition to my Blogiversary Celebration! I just love their philosophy about kids -
"The Bloomers! mission is to encourage the healthiest planet and the healthiest people possible by teaching young children about nature and gardening."

Good stuff about Bloomers! -

"Bloomers! teaches kids how to grow plants and trees and trees and plants are good for our planet because they pump oxygen into our world and processes carbon dioxide.
Growing your own food is healthier because:
You don't have to use chemical pesticides and herbicides
You can only grow fruits and vegetables so by default they come ...
Kids are more apt to eat vegetables if they grow them
Growing your own food is economical and therefore helps families save money.
Bloomers! helps fight childhood obesity. Over 18% of children in the U.S. are obese. Childhood obesity is a major drain on our health care system and is getting worse. Gardening provides both exercise and better nutrition.
Bloomers! promotes outside play. Bloomers! is the only online game that wants your kids to go out and get their hands dirty. Encouraging kids to go outside and play – whether in your own yard or in a park - as part of the Bloomers game is healthier than large amounts of time spent inside in front of the television.
Bloomers! is educational.
Online games in and of themselves are more interactive and can therefore be more educational than television watching.
Bloomers! teaches science which is often ignored for early learners.
Bloomers! Schoolyard Program gives kids hands-on experience to reinforce what they are doing online.
Bloomers! has characters that kids can identify with that makes them more willing and excited about learning how to grow. Bloomers! offers products that strengthen and facilitate the identification with the characters which reinforces their excitement about growing, nature and being outside."

I think that everything that this company stands for s incredible! KIDS NEED TO GET OUT AND PLAY - in fact, their motto is "We want kids to go out and get their hands dirty!".

Bloomers! Edutainment sent Daniella their (I'm Blossoming}Pink Treehouse Apron for us to review. She loves it!!!

She loves to get outside, dig and explore. When stuck inside due to cold/wet weather, she likes to use this apron with her kitchen set :)

She is only 2 and it is intended for ages 3-7 so it is a bit big on her still, but that just gives her a longer time period to love it for!

 Their specials for January and February are 50% off all aprons and tool belts.(Treehouse Apron - {I'm Blossoming} Pink, regularly $29.95, now $14.98 and Treehouse Apron - Pine {For You} Green, regularly $29.95, now $14.98. Acorn Toolbelt - {Keep On The} Grass Green regularly $29.95, now $14.98 and Acorn Toolbelt - {Dig In The} Dirt Brown regularly $29.95, now $14.98). What a great price!!!

And did I mention that the aprons and tool belts come with a package of the Bloomers! know + grow Organic Snow Pea Seeds?

Plus, they sell all kinds of organic gardening stuff to grow your own garden with your kids!

This giveaway will have two lucky winners!

We will be giving away two tool belts: one boys and one girls.
{Dig in the Dirt Brown} and {Keep on the Grass} Green
Description: Carries all your gardening gear and accessories. One size fits most. Cotton Twill. Ties in back. Comes with a pack of Bloomers! Organic Snow Pea Seeds. P.S. You can sew your patches on it!

Monica's Rants, Raves & Review is not responsible for prize shipment, nor have I received any compensation for this post. 

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