Thursday, February 7, 2013

Things Could Always Be Worse!

DA14 is the name of the asteroid shown above that will be cruising by us on February 15.  Flying along at 17,450 mph with a 148-foot diameter and the mass of a large cruise ship it could create quite a mess.  It's not the largest asteroid that has wreaked havoc on Earth, but at just 17,200 miles from Earth, that is closer some of our satellites! 

Apparently once every 40 years Earth has this close a visitor and every 1,200 years Earth gets smashed into.  Here's hoping that 2013 isn't a "smashing into" year! 



  1. The DA14 Asteroid, although not close enough to do us any harm, still seems too close for comfort! Sometimes I wonder if we would be best off not knowing what is out there? :)

  2. Scary to know an asteroid this large is this close to us. When able to be seen be the naked eye, definitely something to be worried about.


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