Monday, March 25, 2013

How do you relate to your teenagers?

I am a single mom of two boys in high school -- one is a junior and one is a freshman.  I had them both late in my 30's, so there is at least a 35 year age difference between us.  They think that I am ANCIENT and am the WORST MOM in the entire world. 

I have somehow gone from being the "Mommy!!!" that they used to run to the door at night to greet to being someone that they prefer to not acknowledge (at least not in public!)  My IQ has dwindled to next to nothing and I have become clueless!  Since my oldest got his driver's license I don't know how to drive and my clothes are just not cool.  I don't do anything right and my cooking is even terrible, yet they somehow manage to eat and continue to grow.

I know that soon they will have gone to college and moved on in life.  In the meantime I look for common ground and offer these tips for anyone with teenagers:

1.  LISTEN.  Don't talk (because you don't know anything!), just listen.  Especially when their friends come by just listen.  You will find out so much!

2.  REMEMBER how it was to be their age.  The sun and moon revolved around them.  Whatever the next event is on the horizon is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing ever. 

3.  WEIGH the pros and the cons.  Every now and then give in and don't beat yourself up for your decision. 

4.  PROTECT them from themselves. NO is necessary when YES puts them in harm's way.

5.  Lead by EXAMPLE.  Show them (don't tell them) how an adult lives a successful, happy life.  Show them how much you love them!

How do you relate to your kids?  Let me know in comments below -- I'm always looking for help! 


  1. wow! lovely post..
    Have you entered for my giveaway?

  2. Thanks for the advice. I have 3 teenagers of my own and although they are great kids it can be challenging.

  3. support their activities, go to their football games, basketball games(I went to all your games monica LOL), band concerts, choir concerts, dance competitions. Always find time to attend even if you are too tired from work to move another inch.

    1. Agreed! Through wind, snow, rain, sleet and hail and scorching days, always always always go to their activities!

  4. for those who wonder how i went to all of monica's basketball games - i was student manager for our high school girls basketball team, monica was our center. and connie and colleen were guards and pam and kari were forwards if i recall that right, and of course chris and debbie switched off in there too. did i get that right?

  5. My son googles everything I say.vThen, he says... Ok, Mom your story checks out....
    I think I went to school before google. How did I survive.
    I don't dare let on though. Ha ha


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