Friday, March 1, 2013

Things could always be worse!

From Seffner, Florida:  Jeremy Bush said that he he heard his brother screaming for help when the earth under his bedroom collapsed.  In the seconds that it took to get to his brother Jeff's room, it was too late --  the earth had swallowed him up! 
Bush said that he was covered in dirt when he jumped in the hole.  The Sheriff's deputy pulled him out safely, but Jeremy fears that his brother is dead.  Fire officials lowered equipment into the hole, but have not seen any sign of life.
Can you imagine?  One minute you're in your bedroom and  the next your house is sucked under ground?!


  1. wow I dont even want to imagine that. that's freaky and scary. hope all was ok

  2. I read in the paper this morning that the poor guy died and they can't get to him to bring him up! The house is still sinking. Scary!!!


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