Thursday, April 4, 2013

Seven Years!!!

Today I am enjoying life to the fullest -- it is my seven year anniversary of being cancer free!  I was diagnosed with Stage 3B breast cancer which had spread to my lymph nodes and had surgery on this day in 2006. 

At that time I just wanted to fast-forward the clock -- I wanted to skip the surgery, skip past the 16 weeks of chemotherapy and skip over the 33 radiation sessions.  I just wanted to skip past ALL OF IT.  Just like in the movies I wanted to hit FAST FORWARD.  Guess what?  Today is where I wanted to be!  I wanted my hair back, I wanted my health back and I wanted my life back!   

My family and friends helped me through it all (every horrible step of the way) and I can never, ever, ever repay them.  They saved me!  THANK YOU!

It's been an amazing seven years and I am so grateful!  If you have never had a mammogram, please get one.  If you have never done a self-examination, please do one.  If you have never seen a doctor, please see one.   That is all! 

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  1. Monica: Your incredible perserverance and strength in the face of chemo and radiation were an inspiration to all. Congratulations.


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