Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fysiko Update ~ it's an eyelash miracle!!!

It has been eight weeks since I started my eyelash transformation using Fysiko.  Since the proof is always better shown in photos, here's my before and after:

BEFORE  This picture was taken eight weeks ago.  My lashes are NON-existent.  Thin, short and almost transparent.  This picture is taken without makeup, but still -- pretty pathetic!  

AFTER:  I am soooo happy at how long they are and you can actually SEE them -- even without makeup they are darker and starting to curl!  I can't wait to see what another 8 weeks will bring!  Fysiko really DOES work!  

Here's my eye with makeup after just 8 weeks!  
Fysiko is easy to use ~ you simply apply it like an eyeliner to the upper and lower lid as close to the lash as possible.  It dries and goes on clear and dries quickly.  I have experienced no irritation or side effects (other then people asking me where I got those lashes!)  :)

So that you can follow my amazing journey, here's a link to my first post:  MY JOURNEY BEGINS  
And my next post:  CAN YOU SEE THEM NOW?

 Fysiko is made with natural ingredients and doesn't require a prescription.  You can check out Fysiko's on-line site here:  Fysiko costs $135 and I will happily pay that for this product now that I know it really DOES work!  It's an eyelash MIRACLE!!

 photo monicassignature_zpse2d5f368.png


  1. That is amazing, I can definitely see the difference! It is most certainly worth the cost if it works.

  2. I have non existant lashes as well really need something that works great

  3. I have the same problem with my lashes! It's nice to see that you found a nice natural product to help show off your lashes.


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