Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday's UWD

Urban Word of the Day:   Interpretive Dunce

Definition:   A person who has no skill at dancing, but still tries to auto-choreograph their unholy gyrations to the lyrics!

Used in a Sentence:  "What the hell is Evan doing out on the floor?"
"Sounds like 'We are the Champions' and he's an interpretive dunce!"

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  1. Sometimes it's he people hat can't dance that are on the floor first. Quickly moving to their own tine as others move away. You know what hey like no one is watching.

    Sherry compton

  2. We've all seen these people - if not been one. Doesn't it seem like it's often the people who can't dance that are the first ones out on the floor. Hips swinging to their own rhythm and arms flailing as we try to move. Oh well, you know what they say. Dance like no one is watching.

    Sherry Compton


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