Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boxxle Wine Dispenser Giveaway! Ends TODAY!

Are you a wine drinker?  If you're anything like me, you hate to waste wine -- once it's open there's no going back.  How would you like to have fresh wine up to 6 weeks after opening it?  That's where the boxxle comes in!  

        "Boxxle is a high quality, attractive dispenser designed to solve all of the problems of “boxed wine” and allow you to enjoy your delicious BIB wine with style and ease."  There are tons of benefits to boxed wine that I think most people are unaware of since I truly believe a lot of people thing the same way I do about it and its "quality/class".  Not only does boxed wine have 85% less packaging waste and 79% less Greenhouse Gas emissions but the box is 100% recyclable and in most areas so is the bag!

        Because BIB wine is vacuum-sealed, there is no potential for cork taint and the wine will stay fresh for up to six weeks after opening.  Also, "The quality of wine available in BIB packaging has increased dramatically since the 3 Liter introduction and BIB wines are consistently earning awards and garnering great reviews from critics."

        So back to why Boxxle is such a great tool to have in your home!  This stylish an eye appealing dispenser can hold most 3-liter BIB wines or even other fruit juices.  There is even easy lift up technology which it uses so you don't have to worry about tipping the box after having a few glasses.

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Giveaway:  Boxxle is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a set of Wine-Trax of their own!

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  1. Your blog is ok but that sweepstakes was a bit confusing and alexa gave me no way to review the site it just kept showing ranking by global and views even after i signed in i could not find a way of revies and rating on alexa. i have done it on other sites so i don;t know what the problem is. and us non boggers and non intergram lose a lot of points in contest that have a lot of that no blog no adding buttons etc.

  2. blog is easy to read which helps me I hate when blogs use dark colors its hard on the eyes

  3. I'm thrilled about the fact that boxed wine is more eco friendly and this particular company uses 100% recyclable boxes and the bag too!!



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