Thursday, July 25, 2013

Indoor Pet Potty -- have you tried them?

One of the joys of pet ownership is the loving comfort your pet offers you every time you come home or even walk in the room. Owning a puppy has its own rewards, which includes loyalty, companionship and tailored training that teaches your pet your rules and your commands.

Unfortunately, many pet owners have difficulty in effectively potty training puppies.  Either they are away from the pet for long hours or their training methods are unconsciously infrequent or inconsistent, two vital aspects that either quickly train your puppy or cause a lifetime of aggravation, disappointment and expense.

Consider a new approach to this common problem: instead of just laying paper in a corner for your pet or causing your crated animal to lie in the waste for hours until you get home and change the bedding, use separate spaces for potty training and for “living” space for the dog.  This “separate area” idea helps cement in your dog's mind that peeing where one “lives” is not a good idea. This puppy apartment idea presents separate areas for separate uses, much has your own apartment or house provides you.  After all, you don't prefer to cook nightly meals in the living room or take a shower in the corner of the kitchen, do you?

What do you do to train older dogs who might be used to staying outside much of the time? How do you train an inside dog that it's also okay to pee outside? Learn this and other options about indoor pet potty at

Pictured below is the elderly statesman of our home, Butkus.  He is a gentleman and a scholar!

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  1. My only problem with dogs using an indoor potty, is it can be a little difficult for puppies to know where the appropriate place to use the potty is. For example, if you want the puppy to use the potty outside, but have this for when you are gone, it might confuse the puppy on what you expect of him while you are home. I've see it a lot when people try to get their puppy to use paper or pee pads while they are gone. However, I have an older dog who is getting to the point she doesn't know she needs to go until she HAS to go. This would be a great thing for her, because I could set it up where she goes most often in the house, and it would be less of a problem to get it cleaned up, or someone stepping in it.


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