Monday, August 19, 2013

Fysiko - Can you see my lashes now?!

Can you see my lashes now?  I sure can! I've been using Fysiko for the past 16 weeks and NOW I have eyelashes!  My lashes are blonde, so they are difficult to see at best, but since I've been using Fysiko they are thicker, stronger and longer than they have EVER been in my entire life!  I love this stuff!  Seeing is believing, so check it out below:  

On April 29, at the start of my journey to amazing lashes!  
You can find my first post my post HERE

After 8 Weeks:

After 16 Weeks            
Can you see a difference?  I used Fysiko once a day at night.  It went on clear and caused absolutely no irritation and I experienced no side effects.  Fysiko is made with natural ingredients and doesn't require a prescription.  You can check out Fysiko's on-line site here:  Fysiko costs $135 and I will happily pay that for this product now that I know it really DOES work!  It's an eyelash MIRACLE!!
Since using Fysiko I can actually see my eyelashes now without mascara -- I still can't go out without mascara since my lashes are so light, but I can tell that they are there!  Fysiko is impressive!  

I highly recommend Fysiko if you want to grow your lashes the natural way.  I will continue to purchase it and don't ever plan to go back to the way I looked 16 weeks ago!  

Disclosure:  I was provided Fysiko in order to formulate an opinion and write a review of the product.  I only recommend products that I believe my readers would like and use.  My opinion may vary from yours, however.  

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  1. I will be reviewing xlash soon and I hope I have the same results. I already have full lashes but I want them longer.

    xo Emmy


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