Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ozeri 4x3 Sport Digital Pedometer Review (and giveaway)!

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Ozeri Pedometer.  The timing of this review couldn't have been more appropos, since I have been trying to get my backside in motion!

The Ozeri 4x Sport Digital Pedometer is the most amazing pedometer that I have ever used.  I love that it counts up to a million steps -- not that I've come remotely close to that number -- but I like to imagine that someday I will!  The Ozeri tracks my steps, calories burned and distance traveled.  It provides a 30-day memory, so I can check my progress and has a clock and exercise timer as well!

The problem that I had with other pedometers I have tried is that I use them, clip them to my belt during the day and proceed to lose them somewhere in my daily travels.  The Ozeri has not only a belt clip, but the lanyard has another clasp that actually "clicks" closed to your belt loop, pocket top or wherever you need it to stay!  I've found mine dangling from this heavy-duty clip on more than one occasion and was sooo glad that it was still secure.  It continued counting during it's "dangle time" because it works in any position.  It has Tri-Axis Technology, which gives it the ability to continue to sense your motion, both vertical, horizontal and at any angle.  That's such a bonus!

The Ozeri allows you to set up a target and will actually show you how much farther you have to reach that target.  The instructions are very easy to understand and they give you easy to follow guides to set up your individual step measurements.  The pedometer resets itself at midnight, so you know exactly what you have done in a day's time.  All you need to do is keep it on your person and voila!

You can purchase the Ozeri on HERE for $25.00.  They list at other places for as much as $49.99. In my opinion, the Ozeri is well worth the $25 price tag!  If you strive to live an active, accountable life, this is the pedometer for you!  

Ozeri has graciously agreed to send one of my readers their very own Sport Digital Pedometer exactly like the one shown above!  I have teamed up with A Lucky Ladybug and a few other bloggers to bring you this pedometer and an assortment of other goodies to motivate you to get moving -- it can be found in the "ALWAYS ON THE MOVE" MOON GIVEAWAY which starts on August 10th!  You will find the link on my page here!  

U.S. only, 18+ years of age.  

Disclosure:  I was provided the Ozeri 4x3 Sport Digital Pedometer to facilitate my review and opinion and was not otherwise compensated.  However, I only recommend products that I believe my readers would enjoy.  My opinion may differ from yours.


  1. I love this pedometer. Very user friendly and it will help me reach my daily goals.

  2. What a neat little pedometer. I need one of these for my morning runs!

  3. I love the lanyard idea. I've lost several pedometers in the past. One the same day I bought it.

  4. My comment disappeared so I'm posting again Sorry if it's a repeat.
    I've lost several pedometers in the past. Even losing one the day I bought it. I love the lanyard idea.

  5. I so want this pedometer for my (very lazy and sedentary) husband. I keep telling him he needs to move at least 10,000 steps a day to be at least minimally healthy, and this would help him get on track.

  6. This pedometer would be great for my daily jog!

  7. The 30 day memory is pretty fantastic! I am also trying to get my butt in gear, and currently have my husband drive the route I go on to see how far I am actually going... he decided to drive next to me the other day ( it was super hot out and he had my water) but it was so NOT COOL!!! This pedometer looks like it would be just the thing...

  8. I'd love to use this when I'm exercising or just walking around!

  9. This would be wonderful to have now that I have started a healthy routine now walking with my daughter. We both are in need of some weight loss and I know this would help in so many ways seeing what we can do each day and increasing it over time with our walks.To use the pedometers could help us both keep track in our logs with our improvment.


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