Thursday, October 24, 2013

Do you have sharp knives?

There is nothing that I hate more than trying to cut fruits, vegetables and other food with a dull knife. When you use a sharp knife, it glides through the toughest foods like butter! That's exactly what I experienced since I have been using the Ozeri ceramic knives!

 Ozeri sent me their Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3-piece Knife Set for my review. These babies are ultra-sharp and made of 100% black ceramic. They slice through any food with ease and are soooo comfortable to use!  I love that they're ceramic so I don't have to worry about sharpening them.  They cut through my tomatoes with total ease and didn't leave my cutting board a juicy mess of tomato residue.  That's the litmus test to sell me on good quality knives.

The ceramic knives are eco-friendly and will not leach metal ions that steel knives can.  These knives will never rust because they are not made of metal.  Their finish is a reflective black veneer and each knife weighs less than half of their equivalent metal knife on the market place.

I was most impressed with how sleek they look -- the blades on these is so impressive and the ends are finished with a reflective silver, blunt tip that really dresses them up nicely!  The set includes the 3" paring knife, 5" slicing knife and 6" chefs knife, these sizes cover most of your food cutting and chopping needs.

My overall view:  I really LOVE the Ozeri knives.  I didn't realize how dull my old knives had become or how ungainly they were to use.  Since I started using Ozeri knives I find that I can't use anything else and will be ordering more in the very near future!  By the way, even though it is not recommended, I have run them through my dishwasher with no problem at all!

You can find this set on Amazon HERE for the very reasonable price of $48.95 (and free shipping!)

Disclosure:  I was provided a set of Ozeri knives to facilitate my review and form my opinion. However, I only recommend products and services that I believe my readers will enjoy.  Your opinion may differ.
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