Saturday, April 5, 2014

Marukan Review & Giveaway - ends 4/6

Do you use vinegar when you cook?  There are so many amazing foods that taste so much better with Marukan Vinegar!  Marukan Vinegar was established in Japan in 1649.  They have been producing rice vinegar for well over 300 years!  Making rice vinegar with legendary taste and mildness takes time.  Maruken Vinegars are brewed slowly and naturally.  The delicate aroma, rich flavor and mild taste are the result of the natural, slow-brewed process.
The good folks at Marukan sent me the following to try in my dishes:
Maruikan Genuine Brewed Rice Vinegar:  Contains no sodium, fat, sugar, artificial ingredients or even calories!  It is naturally gluten free and non-GMO.  This artisan vinegar takes 2 months to brew! The acidity is versatile and a great addition to not only Japanese, but Chinese, European and American dishes!

Marukan All Natural Ponzu:  Is a premium soy dressing with Sudachi Citrus.  This products is 100% vegan and an amazing flavor alternative to soy sauce.  Sudachi is a Japanese citrus fruit grown in the western part of Japan.  It contains more Vitamin C than lemons and has a fresh citrus flavor.

Marukan Seasoned Gourmet Rice Vinegar:  Has heightened flavor for marinades, sauces, dressings and dips.  It is non-GMO and naturally gluten and fat free.  It is also Marukan's best seller.  Because it doesn't contain any fat it serves as a healthy ingredient for marinades and mixing it with your choice of oil.  
All of these products are Kosher Certified by Star K and certified organic.  
The recipe that I found I love to use Marukan Organic Rice Vinegar in is a very simple.
Dijon Vinaigrette:
1/2 cup Marukan Organic Rice Vinegar
1 TB dijon mustard
2 TB fresh lemon juice
2 TB fresh-chopped tarragon (optional)
1/2 tsp kosher or sea salt
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
Whisk first five ingredients well and drizzle in oil while whisking.  Serves 4-6 (I recommend making a double batch!)
You can find Marukan's website HERE and also on Facebook.
NOW for the giveaway!  The gracious folks at Marukan have agreed to give one of my readers the very same gift pack!  Just enter below using the Rafflecopter, U.S. only, 18+.  Good luck!
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Disclosure:  I received products to facilitate my review and form my opinion, however my opinion remains my own.  Yours may differ.
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  1. if i won, i would use the vinegar in my salads.

  2. I would use it in my fish dishes and on rice and salads to to make addressing out of. So many great recipes on their web site.

  3. I would use the vinegar in stir fry.

  4. We use it in our salad dressings and I use it on my green beans and add a little olive oil as well. Yummy!

  5. It is great in a salad dressing.

  6. Rice vinegar is a must in my shrimp in lobster sauce!

  7. I do a lot of Japanese cooking, and would love to be able to stock my pantry with these products.

  8. I have a lot of pain in my right shoulder lately, and it makes it hard for me to sleep.

  9. Love it in my salads, and i love the recipe you gave us. Thank you!

  10. The back of my nech has been giving me terrible pains, including headaches.

  11. i use a lot of vinegars in my foods

  12. I love different flavored vinegars! I'm always throwing together different types of dressings and would love to be able to try these in them!

  13. I love to be creative with vinegars. There are so many out there and it's great! But, I do like to use flavored or different vinegars in salad and sandwich dressings.

  14. I would use google for some new recipes, and definitely put them on my salads.

  15. I use it over veggies or to make dressings.

  16. We love cooking and eating ASIAN dishes (foods not the plates!) and I would (I do) use Rice Vinegar and Ponzu ALL THE TIME in cooking. salad dressings and DIPS for dumplings (wontons, potstickers, shumaki, etc) FRIED TOFU (HoneyHubby LOVES it!!!) Sometime I use the store bought "potstickers" and sometimes we made our own from scratch. When the weather gets warmer (and produce is abundant) we also love to make homemade SPRING ROLLS - and always makes our own dipping sauce - and ALWAYS used rice vinegar!

    Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

  17. I have never got to try it. I think would like it for egg rolls. Salads for sure.

  18. I love cooking with different vinegars. I make great smashed potatoes with malted vinegar. Give it try it's so yummy!


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