Monday, March 24, 2014

Ozeri Green Pan - my new favorite!

Do you have a favorite pan, one you find yourself looking for every time you need a medium-sized pan? I do now! I was given the chance to try out the new 8" Ozeri Green Earth Pan and I am sold!
The Ozeri Green Earth Pan is coated in natural ceramic and is absolutely free of PTFE, PFOA and other harmful chemicals! These toxic chemicals are found in many non-stick pan coatings and release at high temperatures, so they leach into your foods. Using the Green Earth Pan and its ceramic coating, even under high temperatures, no toxic fumes are ever released!  
When you cook with this pan, I found that since it is a better heat conductor, you can cook at a lower setting and don't need to cook using the high temperatures you ordinarily would. Your food will still cook just as fast, but because of the heat induction, you won't need the additional heat. This pan cooks so evenly, you can get the same results frying a burger on the outer edge as you would in the middle!  
You can see the little ceramic "honeycombs" that  are elevated and create air pockets that distribute heat underneath your food to enhance cooking. The Greblon ceramic coating really prevents your food from sticking.  This allows for your food to cook without using all the high calorie oils. The ceramic coating is also durable and scratch resistant.  
The pan features a silicone handle too. It's very comfortable to use! This pan is a nice weight -- not too heavy and not too light.  
In addition to all the amazing features above, these pans also look good! Just check out the bottom -- it looks like a piece of art!   
You can find the Ozeri Earth Pan on their website HERE and on Amazon HERE. In my opinion these pans are worth their weight in gold!
Disclosure:  I was provided this product to facilitate my review and form my opinion, however my opinion remains my own.  Yours may differ.
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