Sunday, April 27, 2014

Luma Air Purifier AP400W - do you use an air purifier?

Does your home have an air purifier?  Having teenage boys, a dog and two cats in my home make for a house that is brimming with pet dander, allergens and odors.  Since I have been using the the Luma Comfort Air Purifier AP400W, I positively love the air in my home!

The Luma Comfort AP400W offers an amazing air filtration system.  It has 5 stages of purification and is super easy to use.  It's a very modern looking machine that covers up to 400 square feet.  I use it in my living room, but it could be easily used in bedrooms, office spaces or the den.  

The filtering system is equipped with a carbon pre-filter, HEPA filter, VOC filter, TiO2 filter and UV light -- yes, 5 filters that remove over 99% of indoor pollutants like odors, mold, bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen and the dreaded animal dander!  That's a lot of filtering!  The best part is that there's a SmartClean indicator that lets you know when each filter needs to be replaced. No more worries or checking the filters.

There's also a programmable timer so you can set it and go!  Here's a picture of the filtering system:  
You can see it's a nice flat-panel design that isn't bulky and looks sleek and modern so it blends right in whatever room you chose.  It's also quite light so you can carry it from room to room.  

If your kids have asthma, as so many do today, this is the ideal purifier.  It has a whisper quiet fan so that it won't keep your kids up at night -- a perfect air purifier for your nursery!

You can find the Luma Comfort Air Purifier AP400W HERE as well as on Facebook and Twitter.  I highly recommend this well-made piece of technology!  It's truly improved the quality of my life!

Disclosure:  I received this product to form my opinion and facilitate my review, however my opinion remains my own.  Yours may differ.
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  1. Barbara Riffe Read, I never considered needing one.

  2. I've never tried an air purifier but I should because my boyfriend & I both have allergies. I love how sleek this one is!

  3. I went to an allergist MD and she says that a lot of these air purifiers are not worth it. I trust her because she wasn't trying to sell anything. Sometimes people are buying claims and perception and not really quality products. I am glad this product has worked in your home. Do you have another kind of air purifier to come this one with? I just have a cheap one from Walmart. =)

  4. This is really nice. The programmable aspect appeals to me as I can have it off for a few hours a day and save some electricity. What a neat idea.

  5. Thank you for your review! I like several features including its coverage range. Please do more reviews though, I found it so hard to find a non-giveaway!


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