Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Is YOUR identity safe?

It is an unfortunate fact that in today's busy world, identity theft is on the rise.  It occurs every day and in many ways that most of us don't even think about! Specific types of identify theft include tax-related identity theft, child identity theft and medical identity theft just to name a few. 

Tax-related identity theft involves someone stealing and using your Social Security number.  Child Identity Theft and Medical Identity Theft are using your information or your child's personal information to gain medical care or services.  The Federal Trade Commission reports that as many as 9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year!  

The IRS and other governmental agencies have taken numerous steps to protect us from fraud and theft, but as we know, it's not enough. Simple steps should be taken in your home to protect you as well and they're fairly easy to do!

With so much paper and so many accounts, I get worried that my family's information is available to anyone who has time and patience to go through my garbage and recycling, look for statements and other papers and then take them away to painstakingly reconstruct.  

I tried a shredder - that takes too much time and mine kept jamming, plus the kids can't operate a shredder. Guard Your ID (GYID) products present a perfect solution for me.  I simply draw the roller or or put the stamp through the critical information and then toss the documents in recycling. No electricity used and no more burning documents in the fireplace! 

The use of GYID products makes me feel comfortable that my identity is truly concealed.  This is a good idea and one that I like very much. 

At the moment Plus Corporation is offering a 25% discount off of their products. Visit their website and enter the coupon code BLOG2014. Plus Corporation has lots of amazing safety products that will help you feel secure. Nothing in life is perfect, but I sure feel a lot better using GYID protection!

Disclosure:  I was provided products and/or compensation to help form my opinion and facilitate my review, however my opinion remains my own.

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