Monday, August 11, 2014

Winning Moves Board Games Review!

Does your family have game night? Game night is an unplugging of all social media and electronics and just focusing on playing whatever game you have on hand. Winning Moves has all the games you remember from your youth!

The classic game of Monopoly can provide hours of fun while teaching your kids about budgeting, as well as how life and throw you for a loop when you least expect it! You can buy Monopoly for $25.95 and it provides hours of fun!

There's nothing better than seeing your boys enjoy a nice card game, even if it has a modern-twist! Transformers Wild Card Game can be purchased for the amazing price of $7.95 and includes the rules for 2 games - a standard and a beginner's version, which is great for younger kids!

Remember this one? Who can forget the fun that was had for many years playing Twister! We used to especially enjoy seeing my parents trying to contort their bodies into weird positions when the mat was sliding around on the shag carpeting in the 70's! This game is still a star today with my teens enjoying it, even though they won't admit it! Twister sells for $22.95 and can tie you up in knots!

For those of you with the analytical mind, or kids who lover puzzles, give Rubik's The Void a try! This is the next step in the Rubik's Cube series and a real mind-bender! The Void is priced at $15.95.

Winning Moves has hundreds of games in all varieties and for all ages.  You can find Winning Moves on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  In my opinion these games are worth their weight in gold!

Disclosure: I was provided products to facilitate my review and form my opinion, however my opinion remains 100% my own.

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  1. I used to play Monopoly all of the time and I love the idea of having a family unplugged night. Thank you for sharing.


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