Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Saving Private Bow Wow Giveaway - ends 11/6!

Adopt DON'T Buy!
Help save a life!
Hosted by:
Make Our Own Network

Prize Pack #1: 
Small Dog Bed
Pet Auto Water Dish
Peanut Butter Kong Snacks (Small)
Dental Kong Toy
Raspberry Zoom Groom 
Tuggo Mini

Prize Pack #2: 
Tuggo Mini (Joan's Review)
Winning Moves -The Game of LIFE® Dogs Edition
Paths of Hearts - Book of short pet stories (Joan's Review)
2 Months Treat of the Month Prosperous Pooch Etsy Shop (Joan's Review)

Prize Pack #3: 
Fulcrum Gallery - Framed Animal Art (Joan's Review)
Tuggo Mini

This giveaway is open to the Continental US only (because of shipping costs) and will end on November 6th, 2014.  Good Luck!!

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  1. We've had him since he was a pup and he is almost 9. We got him from a family that couldn't keep him.

  2. Einstein is 2 years old! He is a maltese and is so fluffy and disheveled all the time... which is why we named him after Einstein

  3. Baby is a Black Lab, and a couple had a baby after having the dog for 9 yrs., but the baby aggrivated the dog with pulling of the ears, poking the eyes etc., but one day the dog got aggrivated, and growled at the baby and Dad said the dog goes and she had a week to get rid of her or the pound. We heard about it and rescued her. What a sweetie she is and she's 12 now and a total member of our family. We love her so much.

  4. We got Daisy about 4 months after our English Bull dog (another rescue) passed away suddenly. My hubby picked her because she was the quietest one at the ASPCA. The name they gave her was Iggy and everyone thought she was a boy so my husband said one say when we were walking her...Daisy?! Love it! And her middle name is Mae. She slept on the couch for the 1st 24 hours and watched us before she would walk around the house. She hates linoleum, but is slowly getting used to the wood floors in our first home purchased last month. We were told he was part Dalmatian and part Pit Bull. She is mostly pit and the biggest scardy cat ever! She totally debunks the myth of pit bulls being mean. She is a lover not a fighter! Best dog ever! She is now about 5 now and sleeps with us and travels with us.


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