Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dr. Song Teeth Whitening!

I consider myself somewhat of a coffee connoisseur and drink much-too-much of it. Unfortunately my teeth have taken the brunt of my coffee habit and really needed whitening! That's why I was thrilled to try Teeth Whitening by Dr. Song.  

Dr. Song's Whitening Kit came with eight syringes which last for just about 50 total applications, a gel applicator brush, an LED Blue Light Accelerator, which helps speed up the whitening process and moldable teeth trays.

The teeth trays simply need to be dipped in boiling water and then put in your mouth to form your exact shape. You can actually do this more than once if the shape doesn't come out right the first time. Then you place a small amount of gel on the tray surface and apply it to the teeth with the applicator brush. Try not to get the gel on your gums as it can and probably will cause some sensitivity (hot, cold, air, etc.) My gums are ordinarily sensitive so I did experience this, but nothing that was too painful to handle. It happens to me with whatever whitener I use, so I fully expected it.

You can leave the gel on for as long as required (from 30 minutes to up to 4 hours), depending on the intensity of what is needed.  I left it on around half an hour each time I used it. After use you should brush your teeth to get rid of the excess gel. Then you use the LED lights, which are supposed to speed up the whitening process. 

This stuff really works - I'm not honestly sure if it's the ingredients or the light, but the combination works really well. I have used it now for about 4 weeks and can see a vast improvement!

I am impressed with Dr. Song's Whitening Kit:  it has generous amounts of the product, it actually works and the whitening lasts a long time! I will continue to use these products and reorder them when I run out!

You can find the Whitening Kit HERE for $34.99.  I highly recommend it!

Disclosure: I was provided this product to form my opinion and facilitate my review, however my opinion remains 100% my own.

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