Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Miracle Care Pet Shampoo!

This is a picture of our dear dog, Butkus (named after the Chicago Bears football player!) Butkus is an important part of our family and usually one of the few family members in the discussion who makes any sense!  

When it comes to caring for him, no amount of money is too much to spend on Butkus' care and comfort, so when I was given the chance to try Miracle Care Pet Shampoo I jumped at the chance.  Butkus is always rubbing against things and rolling on his back, which makes me think that he has dry skin, so I'm always looking for a shampoo that doesn't make him itchy.

Miracle Care Pet Products has four different formulas for specific dog breeds that are specifically blended to enhance the natural qualities of the individual dog breed and coat types.

  • Curly and Wiry: Fortified with botanicals that nourish the skin and coat without overconditioning.
  • Long and Silky: Extra conditioners loosen tangles and mats making after bath brushings easy!
  • Thick and Dense: Low sudsing, gentle formula that cleanses and maintains the undercoat without stripping.
  • Short and Smooth: Collodial oatmeal and wheat germ oil condition both the skin and coat.

We tried the Short and Smooth and Butkus really loved it! It smells great and he actually seemed to enjoy his bath again. The amount of time that he spends rubbing against the carpet has decreased significantly too.  His coat is nice and shiny and feels so much healthier.

If your dog has short hair I highly recommend this shampoo. I will definitely buy this shampoo again!  You can find it on their website HERE.

Disclosure:  I was provided this product to form my opinion and facilitate my review, however my opinion remains my own.

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