Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bellemain #Strainer12 #Review

Do you have a set of strainers for those little jobs that you don't want to use a large strainer for? Bellemain has an answer for you!

The Bellemain 3 Set Strainers are made of strong, dishwasher safe stainless steel, so they give you easy cleanup and are easy to use with only 1 hand.  The smallest (3-1/8") fits a large coffee mug and is ideal for pouring loose leaf teas through. The medium strainer (5-1/2") is great for straining sauces, soaking beans and other small batch jobs. The large one (7-7/8") washes fruit and can drain your pasta. All three are easy to store because they fit together and have a hanging loop if you chose to hang them!

You don't want to use a large strainer when you finish your cakes off with powdered sugar, but these strainers take care of that with ease! 

These strainers come with super sturdy loops and handles so you can rest them on top of your bowl or pot to make straining eggs or lemons super easy. They come with a a solid rim band that anchors the mesh and doesn't come apart! They are built to last and guaranteed with a lifetime warranty!

You can find the Bellemain Strainer Set on Amazon HERE.  In my opinion no kitchen should be without this set!
Disclosure:  I received this product to facilitate my review and form my opinion, however my opinion remains 100% my own.
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