Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Do you LOVE the AS SEEN ON TV products?!

I have a strange thing to admit:  I positively LOVE all products made for TV!  I don't know why, but I.MUST.HAVE.IT!!! It doesn't really matter what "IT" is, I just am fixated until I get it and then sometimes I am terribly disappointed and end up throwing whatever IT is away. NOT THIS TIME!

I was sent a 50' Pocket Hose Ultra, but I've been using one of these products for over a year. I love these hoses for so many reasons:  they are super super light weight, even when filled with water!  No more schlepping a heavy hose around the yard and having it come back all muddy! No more trying to get the kinks out of the hose because you wound it up wrong or it just decides to kink in the middle for no apparent reason. No more lugging a rolling hose cord wrapping device (which weighs about 495 pounds) around or whatever you happen to try to organize your hose on.  NO MORE!

The Pocket Hose makes me feel like I am liberated!  The time I spend watering using this hose is honestly cut because I don't have to do all the heavy prep work. It's so light that even your kids can use it and won't complain.  The hose literally shrinks up when the water is turned off and grows up to 50 feet when full of water!  You almost can't believe it!

One of the things that I like most about it is that even though it's not heavy the pressure from this hose is just as good if not better than my old hose! The other, besides the weight of the hose, is that it just DOES NOT KINK.  For any reason.  Ever.  I love it!

The Pocket Hose comes in 4 sizes (25', 50', 75' and 100') ranging in price from $12.99 to $39.99. I will NEVER go back to using a traditional hose, at any cost! You can find this amazing Pocket Hose HERE.  In my opinion it is worth every penny!

Disclosure:  I was provided this product to facilitate my review and form my opinion, however my opinion remains my own.
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