Monday, February 2, 2015

Digital Wireless Headphones with Charging Dock Review

I'm always in search of the perfect wireless headphones that are comfortable enough to leave on my head and lightweight enough that I don't feel like I'm carrying around the weight of the world! The folks at RIF6 have taken care of those issues for me!

With the RIF6 digital wireless headphones, I have amazing sound  that is perfectly portable and I don't have to worry about outside noise seeping in to ruin my listening experience. I can listen to TV, DVD, iPod, my Smart Phone or whatever I chose. It comes with a 31 channel hopping system, so I can switch it up really easily.

The charging dock repowers my headphones fast and the minute you put the headphones back in place they automatically recharge. Cords  are provided for using the headphones with most devices and the headset has crystal clear sound. I found no outside interference whatsoever! The headphones use radio frequency signals so they have an expanded range of up to 100 feet so you don't have to keep the headphones within sight of the transmitter. They are powered by rechargeable batteries that are included nad provide 20 hours of reception on a full charge.

I am sold on the RIF6 headphones:  great sound, amazing reception and so comfortable! What else do you need?  You can find them on Amazon HERE.  

Disclosure:  I received this product to form my opinion and facilitate my review, however my opinion remains my own.

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