Monday, March 23, 2015

Do you love to travel?

I love to travel - it doesn't matter where or when, I am always up to go! Short or long trips, planned or better yet, unplanned I am always ready. Since TSA has limited my ability to carry on my toiletries, I have had to find a new way to improvise and that's where the amazing 3-pack of TravelRebel's Silicone Bottles comes in handy!

Each of these squishy silicone bottles are 3 ounces, so they comply with TSA's regulations and are carry-on approved. They're leak proof and easy to refill because they have a nice wide mouth.  Best of all they are made from high-quality, BPA free silicone. I love to fill them with my shampoo, conditioner and lotion. I have had no issues whatsoever with leaking and each bottle has a nice suction cup on the back that you can use to stick it to the shower wall so you know exactly where it is when it comes time to pack up and go! You can even leave the cap open and there's honestly no dripping! Just a press of your finger though and the contents come out. It's truly the coolest feature!

These bottles are dishwasher safe and can be reused over and over and over. The bottles have a no drip valve so I don't arrive at my destination with my shampoo all over the rest of my toiletries. They come with a 100% lifetime guarantee so if you're not satisfied with them, send them back and TravelRebel will send you a refund.  Really! TravelRebel does not recommend using these bottles for any oil based lotions, conditioners or soaps or personal lubricants or liquids that have a tendency to congeal.

TravelRebel has made it possible for me to zip through airports again since I don't have to check my bags! You can find this set of 3 TravelRebel Silicone Travel Bottles on Amazon. In my opinion, they are worth every penny!

Disclosure:  I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion and to facilitate my review, however my opinion remains my own.
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