Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Have you tried an Expandable Hose?

I'm so glad that spring is finally  here - now I just want the weather to warm up enough so that I can do some yard work!  I can't wait to dig in the dirt again and water my plants! I'm thrilled to have the Expandable Hose in my arsenal this year!  

The Expandable Hose grows to over 100 feet without kinking, breaking or gaining much weight (even full of water!)  Unlike regular hoses, this lightweight hose is super flexible and strong. It won't tangle or twist and comes with a 7 in 1 sprayer head attachment!  It provides 300 pounds per square inch of burst pressure and has 100 pounds per square inch of working pressure.  

The hose starts out empty at 33 feet and expands to 100 feet with water pressure. Once it is empty it returns to its original size!  

This is a quality hose and I love it! It's easy to tote about and there's no huge mess with storing it or worrying about winding it back up!  You can find it on Amazon. I will never go back to using a regular hose again!  

Disclosure:  I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion and to facilitate my review. However, my opinion remains my own.
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