Sunday, April 5, 2015

How safe is your home? #MySafeHome

Is your home safe? I was convinced that my home is safe until I took the quick quiz from MB Intel Home Assessment. What an eye opener! 

I've been the victim of a home break-in before, so I understand the importance of having certain safeguards in place. I was actually asleep in bed and had someone break into my basement and remove items from a door that went out to my backyard. It's an eerie feeling knowing that someone was in your home and you had no idea! I no longer live in the same house and have a dog that will wake me if someone is in the house, but I still think about that break-in and what could have happened if the burglar had made his way upstairs!

MBIntel provided me with a customized safety analysis of my home. This service is totally FREE for everyone and the free version gives you basic information on how to secure your home. You can also try their paid version for a complete in-depth analysis for $29.95.  If you use the code MOMBUZZ you get a $10 discount! Both versions are worth your time, but I highly recommend the paid version since it gives you areas that need work in your home as well as the fixes.  Red results mean that you have many concerns, yellow means that you are middle of range and green means that you are at a low risk of concern. Not surprisingly, my results came back that I was low risk for home break-ins! Once bitten twice shy I think the saying is!  

MBIntel takes your privacy very seriously and makes every effort to safeguard your information. For example, no one can identify you or your location through the system. MBIntel will never sell your information and your payment details are not stored on the system and names and addresses are not linked to your account. They've thought of everything!

If you have concerns about disasters, floods, fires, break-ins, tornadoes, earthquakes or other life-shattering events, I HIGHLY recommend checking out!

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  1. Thanks so much for this information it is so important and it is nice that they give it to you free!

  2. I've made it a habit to check youtube videos on how to be safe I'm a single parent with two teenagers and we've had a prowler one summer that pretty much terrorized us the police couldn't catch him (finally got him after 3 months) my apt complex finally installed a motion detector (in the ground-very stupid) one night I'm on meds and my siamese is going nuts because the guy is literally tearing up the motion detector outside my bedroom window. Needless to say the motion detector is in a better place and their are cameras and I listen frankie when he goes off. So when I finally get a house I'm prepared to install a lot of items and step up my security thanks for sharing will check this out when I finally move to my own home


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