Monday, May 18, 2015

Martha Clyne - for Year-Round Comfort!

Now that the weather has started to warm up, have you replaced your heavy bedding with something a cooler? I was recently given the opportunity to try the Martha Clyne Comforter, which is a year-round alternative comforter.

The Martha Clyne Comforter is not too heavy, but at the same time it's warm and soft. It's made of silky soft microfiber cover and poly microfiber fill. It is the perfect blanket for those that are allergic to any kind of down fill. It's the perfect Down alternative because the poly microfiber fill has the same fluffiness and ability to retain body heat. 

The microfiber is made from very fine thread so there's no possibility of the filling coming out, even after you've used the blanket for a long time. It's super soft! I really like that it's the perfect blanket for me since I get over-heated so easily. This one doesn't make me burn up during the spring and summer, but it's still substantial enough to keep me warm in the fall and winter! 

I really dislike finding an otherwise perfect comforter and then having the stuffing slide to the edges, leaving it virtually empty in the middle and overstuffed on the edges. The Martha Clyne Comforter is quilted in a box pattern, which prevents that from happening! Best of all, the comforter is safe for your washer and dryer, so you won't have the expense of dry cleaning.

This comforter is my new favorite and a welcome addition to my bed. It's super comfortable and doesn't over-heat me, which at my age is a miracle! You can find the Martha Clyne Comforter on Amazon. Sale priced right now at $35.95, it is the best deal of the month!  

Disclosure: I received this product and/or compensation to facilitate my review and in exchange for my honest opinion.

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