Thursday, June 4, 2015

Are your Kids in Sports? Try TeamSnap!

Anyone who has ever been involved in a sports team, whether as a player, coach or parent, understands the stress that goes with it.  Coordinating schedules can be the craziest thing in the world and trying to get all the information to everyone involved takes a lot of time. Calling parents and players with a game change or time adjustment can be insanely time consuming and hectic. Coordinating drivers, volunteers, who brings the snacks for baseball or soccer not to mention on a parent level trying to coordinate your home and work calendar with the kids sporting calendars!

Don't get me wrong - I love organized sports and think that they're so important for children's development, both physically and socially. Being part of a team teaches them that there's a greater good to work toward, it teaches them to work together and helps them learn about sportsmanship. I've played on teams, coached teams and been one of those parents cheering loudly in the stands and loved every minute of it!

TeamSnap is the greatest tool out there today for scheduling events for coaches, parents and players! This safe system allows team coordinators to send emails, text alerts to the whole team or just a few individuals. If your practice or game is cancelled at the last minute due to weather you can get a message out quickly with TeamSnap.

To start you just go to and enter some very basic information:  your team name, the sport, player information, etc. 

From there you enter the game time and place as well as any special notes you want to be reminded of.  There's even a map that gives you exact locations so there's no excuse for a player not to know where the game or practice is. It's soooo handy!

You will know who is going to the game, who can't make the game and who is available for junior to get a ride with!  

The end result is a page that looks something like this:  

Best of all, you can access everything on your mobile phone!  

If your team keeps statistics, you can access those, share photos (in my opinion, that is HUGE!) and access lots of useful information pertaining the sport of your choice!  It's all there for the taking and right now you can give TeamSnap a try for FREE! Sign up for a 21 day FREE trial - there's NO credit card required!  

If you coordinate a team this program is worth a try. If you are a parent with kids in any activity, encourage those in charge to look at this information. You can sign up for free so there's nothing to lose. Your team can upgrade their plan to utilize some of the more advanced features such as multiple team sponsorships.  TeamSnap is one tool that I will use for every season!

Disclosure:  Monica's Rants, Raves & Reviews was provided this product and/or compensation in exchange for her honest opinion and to facilitate her review, however my opinion remains my own.

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