Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Broken bones and achy joints?

I was on my way to work one icy morning a few years ago and took a nasty fall, spiral fracturing my tibia and fibula. I was shocked that my bones could break so easily -- I took calcium every day and was certain that I was strong and healthy. How was it possible then that my leg was shaped like a giant S? Why did I have to suffer through two surgeries and have my leg rebuilt with screws and pins like a demented jigsaw puzzle? Six plus weeks of not bearing any weight on my leg seemed like an evil prison sentence!

Everyone needs calcium, unfortunately many of us don't get enough. Often when we do get enough calcium, its not being absorbed by our bones, but floating around in our blood stream causing other problems. Live Life 360 has come up with a solution with their K2 Krill and ProVital-K2 supplements.

These amazing supplements promote healthy cell membranes. Studies show that the ingredients found in K2 Krill are two times more effective than fish oil in raising the Omega 3 index in your body. The ProVital-K2 contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids from Krill oil which is more bioavailable than regular fish oil. Omega 3 repairs our cells and promotes healthy membranes. You can find out more about Omega 3 by watching this video! These supplements are great for your heart - they help to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, promotes healthy arteries and significantly improves cardiovascular mortality rates.

The K2 Krill and ProVital-K2 are also just the thing for your bones and joints. They improve your bone strength and promote stronger bones as well as joint health by helping your body absorb calcium in the right places!  You can watch Dr. Christina Beer explain more on this video clip.

I have personally seen the benefits of these supplements - my leg periodically aches and those aches have stopped since I started taking ProVital-K2 and K2 Krill! The stiffness is gone and my leg feels much better. Better yet is the way my body feels - I seem to stand taller and don't have the same aches that I used to have in the morning, which is so important. I have more energy than I did prior to starting the supplements and am thrilled with the results!

Life Life 360's full line of products is made in the USA and their full in-house laboratory is operated with the highest FDA standards. They use top of the line raw ingredients from the best suppliers. You can find out more about their full line of products on their website HERE.  Priced under $25, these amazing vitamins are definitely worth every penny! 

Disclosure:  I was provided products and/or compensation to facilitate my review and form my honest opinion.  My opinion remains my own.
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