Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gentle Breezes Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Have you started using an aroma diffuser yet? The Gentle Breezes ultrasonic aroma diffuser uses water and essential oils to keep the air in your home or office perfectly scented! This little piece of ingenuity does the job perfectly and is completely quiet. 

This diffuser breaks the essential oil and water into a pleasant fragrant mist. The water is not heated for evaporation, so your choice of essential oils retain their therapeutic benefits. It refreshes the air and helps with sinus irritation, coughing, flu symptoms and even dry skin! 

The Gentle Breezes diffuser is great for daily use and takes both citrus oils and other types of heavy oils so you can even use it for repelling those nasty mosquitoes in your yard during the summer! 

I keep it on my countertop and I love that it scents about a 300 square foot area with ease. The unit has a 120 ml water tank that gives you more than 7 hours of continuous relaxation and amazing aroma. Another feature that I love is that it turns itself off when the water runs out!

The diffuser has seven soft LED colored lights, so you can use it as a night light in your child's bedroom or hall. You can leave the light on steady, set it so that it varies color or you can use it without any light or color. It's very lightweight and easy to move from counter to counter and is just under 7" tall, so space won't be an issue. 

You can find the Gentle Breezes Ultrasonic Diffuser on Amazon HERE for just under $50. In my opinion it is worth every penny! 

Disclosure: Monica's Rants, Raves & Reviews received this product in exchange for my honest opinion and in order to facilitate my review. However, my opinion remains my own.

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  1. I think this would be great for all of the bedrooms in the house. I like that it shows different LED colors and well as that the scents up to 300 square feet.

  2. I think these are amazing. I used to burn candles all the time, but learned about how bad some of the waxes are for your health. So now I am all about Essential Oils!

  3. This sound what i need to put in where i keep the cat litter box to keep smell down

  4. Ooo! This would be perfect for my house because I have three pets.

  5. This would be great for my house as I have three pets!


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