Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Have you tried PMD Personal Microderm?

I was recently given the chance to try PMD's microdermabrasion skincare tool and I can tell you that I wasn't prepared for the amazing results! This little miracle worker gave me spa-like results with the very first use!

The kit comes with a white disc to practice, which I used first. After I got in a groove, I switched to the blue disc and found that there was no adverse reaction to it, so I used it on my entire face. I used it one time over my entire face and while I felt it working, it wasn't painful or uncomfortable. The set also comes with a green disc for normal skin, but my skin is very fair so I was concerned about using it too quickly.

I pulled my skin nice and taut while using the PMD Personal Microderm and then moved it in an upward motion and only went over my face once. I could feel the suction that the PMD provided as well. Don't use it 

The Personal Microderm pairs the power of the spinning disc technology along with vacuum suction. Together they really do brighten and smooth your skin tone and texture. I feel like my fine lines are lessening and my pores are shrinking, which is great! After using it I also find that my foundation goes on so smoothly!  

Since I have been using the Personal Microderm I can definitely tell you that my skin is healthier. My moisturizer and products that I use seem to absorb so easily now and a few scars that I have had for years seem to be harder to find!  I'm tickled!!

When you use the Personal Microderm what is actually happening is that the top layer of your dead skin is being removed. That removal actually kicks your skin's healing process into gear and the vacuum suction brings blood flow and nutrients to the surface of the skin. It's a double punch of amazingness for your face!

You can learn more about how the PMD works and how to properly use it by watching this video. I love this system and am soooo glad that I tried it and my skin has such a positive reaction to it. I was considering have microdermabrasion at a spa and am so glad that I didn't spend all that money. I can use the Personal Microderm once a week and it will actually stimulate my body's production of collagen and elastin!  Who doesn't need that?!  

You can find PMD Personal Microderm on their website, and follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.  Be sure to see their testimonials - I think you will be as amazed as I was with the results!

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