Friday, January 1, 2016

Okocat litter!

Have you tried ökocat litter? I am absolutely sold on this stuff! I have a Maine Coon, long-haired cat named Timmy, so ökocat provided me with the Natural Wood Long Hair Clumping Litter, which is specifically designed for long-haired cat breeds that tend to get litter stuck in their fur. Here's a picture of Timmy so you understand what I mean by long hair!  

Timmy is truly a fur-ball, so this litter had to really prove itself to us, and prove itself it did! I will admit that at first glance I thought that there was NO WAY this stuff would work, but I was WRONG. I was impressed that even though the pellets looked like some other natural litters, they did not perform like the others. The pellets are super absorbent and really control the odor.  I was surprised that it was as effective as it was at odor control!

ökocat is also very absorbent (it can hold up to 500% of its weight in liquid). The only drawback that I found to this litter was that my little scoop picked up all of the pellets, but I overcame that small obstacle in light of all the advantages! The most amazing thing about this litter is that it is made of 100% reclaimed natural wood. I loved that the box was light enough so that it wasn't cumbersome to move or lift. Also, with ökocat there is no dust whatsoever, which was really a nice change my cats and me!

Timmy and his brother Taco (a bengal) both adjusted to this litter with no problem whatsoever. ökocat litter is made by Healthy Pet and is available in 3 sizes including S (8.4 lbs for $8.99), M (13.5 lbs for $13.99) and L (20.2 lbs for $19.99).  You can find ökocat litter in other varieties as well. Find more information on their website or on their Facebook page

Disclosure:  I was provided products to facilitate my review and form my opinion, however my opinion remains my own

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