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Gifted Custom Art Giveaway - ends 1/24!

"Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes."

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Gifted Custom Art was founded by Kevin West, a professional artist of 15 years and counting. Kevin had visions to teach inner city kids how to paint while he lay in the hospital battling stage-3 cancer. This idea was born immediately following Kevin’s surgery to remove a football size tumor from his hamstring . . . to read more about Gifted Custom Art click here

I love adding a lot of pictures throughout my house because I love looking at different memories at that place and just having family in your life with special moments like these are wonderful. I couldn't thank Gifted Custom Art enough for letting me have the chance to review there amazing product by gifting me a custom art work canvas. The Gifted Custom Kit comes with everything you need to have to Paint your kit.

You'll want to make sure to follow all your directions as to setting up your custom art so you can get ready and paint away. ""ATTENTION"" DO NOT throw away your box that came with your canvas because that is used for your stand to put your canvas on. I had to go get it back from the recycling bin ha ha. Silly me!

so . . . it should look something like this once your done laying everything out. I love this idea because the card board itself has paint picture and I just used that as to where I was putting my paint at on the card board itself for better use. I decided to go with a black and white photo canvas. I love black & white photos they are really nice and different. Especially for something like this. I've never done a Paint-by-Number Kit before and I have to tell you it's pretty freaking awesome. Great to do with family and my family pretty much took over the entire painting they thought it was amazing and so cool.

The Gifted Custom Paint-by-Number Kit includes:

* Your photo converted to paint-by-numbers "which are printed on a 16"x20" gallery wrapped canvas"
* Five paint brushes
* Five colors of paint
* Easel

As you can see I started out with it at first for about 20 minutes or so before getting interrupted and by my sisters saying "cool can I try" Sure why not, lol.

I love how well the paint just sits on top of the actual sketch card board. I like how it looks and it looks nice and clean the way it's all set up. Amazing job! One of my favorite reviews yet. Seriously! We had fun as a family something we really never do in a while since my sisters are all grown up and doing things or going out with friends, so it was really nice. I loved it.
My sister Danielle doing some painting with the canvas she looks all professional in the first picture. I love that they helped me. I had to explain to them before hand what to do and how everything is laid out and numbered on the canvas so they didn't mess up. I would be hysterical crying if they did or angry. I'm shocked I even let them help too.
Part One Video

My momma helping which she did most of it because she couldn't stop. She loved doing this. It was relaxing to her and it made me happy she enjoyed doing it as well.

Part Two of the Video
Everyone doing a little bit of everything, sure why not I mean it's my review that I am doing of course go ahead. LOL! It's okay because I got to do some video of it being done and I was okay with that. They left me a little bit at the end so I did that myself. I wouldn't mind getting a portrait of the pigs together that would look great. I think this is simply nice and really entertaining it would be great for guest to have if they are doing an inside birthday or just a simple girls night I would definitely buy this with no questions asked.It's your own little creation and Gifted Custom Art provides you with the canvas and the numbers custom on the canvas which is great and lovely. I'm beyond ecstatic for this company you have no idea. I'm overjoyed (:
Almost done! 10/10 PERFECT!
The final project is finally done . . .

What do you think? Is this something you could picture doing with your family or just sitting by the fire and painting your canvas 😊
Tell me what you think in the comments below....

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