Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Today is Giving Tuesday!!!

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy

As a cancer survivor, I cannot imagine anything worse than watching your child suffer the ravages of cancer and feeling helpless to do anything about it.  Aiden (pictured above with his mom) was diagnosed with Wilms' tumor when he was just 3 years old. He had surgery to remove a 2.2 pound tumor and his entire kidney. He underwent radiation and chemotherapy for 6 months as a course of treatment.

It wasn't their first introduction to this cancer. Their neighbor's son was diagnosed with the same cancer almost 3 years prior. Unfortunately, their son lost his battle with this rare pediatric cancer. Aiden is now doing very well and is a happy healthy 6 year old.

Far too many children succumb to cancer. Together we can help make a difference by donating to the Children's Cause today.
Today is #GivingTuesday!  The Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy's mission:  A long, healthy life for every child with cancer!  Please donate today at www.childrenscause.org/GivingTuesday.
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  1. Thank you for featuring such a worthy cause. Children's cancer is heartbreaking.

  2. i love that people celebrate giving tuesday to ofset all the taking thathappens this time of the year

  3. It's a good thing to do..............

  4. It's aweful to see kids with this disease.

  5. I gave today, because I am a cancer fighter. But most of all, I give to more children’s cancer organizations, because no child should go through chemo, radiation or anything like this ever!! They should be playing and going to sleepovers, etc.

    Dear Susan ,

    Thank you for your $50 donation through #####. You are a true conquerer!

    With your thoughtful gift, the Conquer Cancer Foundation is making great strides toward a world free from the fear of cancer. To learn more about the ways in which this donation will help doctors, researchers, patients and survivors, please visit conquer.org. You truly are making a difference.

    Nancy R. Daly, MS, MPH
    Executive Vice President & Chief Philanthropic Officer
    Conquer Cancer Foundation


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