Monday, November 19, 2012

Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Review

Life holds many simple pleasures.  A sunny day, green grass, a walk in the park with a loved one.  One of my all-time favorite simple pleasures is a good cup of coffee.  A really good cup of coffee.  The kind that you can almost taste just by smelling it brew.  That coffee is Green Mountain Coffee.  It is so good that my jaw is quivering just thinking about it!

In addition to being delicious, it benefits so many people throughout the world.  Just by drinking a cup of Green Mountain Coffee, you are making sure that a farmer gets a fair price for their coffee beans.  You are improving working conditions and you are assisting in protecting the environment!  In the end, because you buy and drink Green Mountain Coffee you are enabling farmers to invest in better quality coffee for -- you!

 Check out Green Mountain Coffee facebook page here: 

 You can like it and watch exclusive videos of Grace Potter and Michael Franti's adventures in Colombia and Sumatra. They're so interesting! GREAT COFFEE -- GOOD VIBES! PASS IT ON!

I was given Green Mountain Coffee to facilitate my review.  I was in no way compensated for my review and my opinion remains my own.  I'm a bzz agent!  


  1. I love Green Mountain Coffee too and am so glad that they are treated fairly. My jaw doesn't get as excited as your does but it is very pleasurable to partake in the first thing in the morning. Great Review

  2. I love Green Mountain Coffee. A few years ago I flew into Boston several times a week in the morning, and used to get my GMC fix from the roaming coffee guys at the Sumner Tunnel toll booths. Don't know if they still do that, but I hope so!


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