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GIVEAWAY: Event 11 for GUNIHCC's Blogiversary!

Event #11 For My One Year Blogiversary Celebration - Review with Giveaway for Chasing Nature Designs (US and Canada Only, Ends 01/31/13)

Chasing Nature Designs is a small, family owned, cloth diaper making, MADE IN THE USA, company! I am so excited to introduce you all to her! I contacted Chasing Nature Designs several months ago about being part of my One Year Blogiversary Celebration. I was so excited to try one of her diapers on Daniella. I told her that I prefer gender neutral prints as we feel that our family is not yet complete and she sent me this wonderful print! I love it!

This is an AIO (All-In-One) cloth diaper that was handmade. It came pre-prepped so I had to do nothing when it arrived. I thought that was a delightful little treat. (For those of you who cloth diaper, you know that prepping diapers can be a pain!). The first diaper that I received from Chasing Nature Designs had an "oops". The insert snaps into the diaper shell as seen here:

The first diaper shell that I received had an issue with the snap - the female end that is in the shell came out and stayed attached to the male end  as seen here:

Here is the hole where the female end was in the shell:

I contacted Chasing Nature Designs to let her know what had happened. She immediately apologized that I had had an issue and shipped another shell out to me RIGHT AWAY! I was really impressed by that!
I have had no further issues with the diaper and have used it multiple times. 
Even though in the duration of time that passed between my initial contact with Chasing Nature Designs and now,  she had surgery done and she still answered all of my questions and was just fabulous!

A typical fitted diaper runs $18 + 2 shipping. Custom fabric diapers (sports,etc) run $14+ fabric cost. She also offers free shipping to military families! Her diapers are one size, but since her diapers are a slimmer fit, she say they fit up to about 25-30 pounds, depending on how your child is built. Daniella is about 33 lbs. The diaper is at its limit on the aplix when she wears it but it does still fit her!

Daniella has some chunk in her thighs and her belly is a little chubby but the diaper fits well! We have not had any leaks with it.

The insert is very absorbent. We primarily have used this diaper for an overnight diaper and Daniella is a heavy soaker. The only issue that I have had with it is after washing it sometimes it still has a faint odor to it. This could be though that I am inexperienced with AIOs and need to change my washing routine.

This diaper is a fleece hybrid. Here is Chasing Nature Designs's description of it -
"The fleece layer is water resistant, so if you let your little one run around at home in a fitted, it gives you longer between changes. It's not as effective as PUL obviously, but it gives extra protection. Some people even use it overnight, but I always had heavy wetters so it wasn't enough for us by itself. It is bulkier than a regular fitted since the fleece is thick, but nothing severe. We use them during times of diaper rash, since they breathe so easily but still don't leave wet marks butt-stamped across the carpet!"

Chasing Nature Designs will be hosting a separate giveaway on Facebook for a free diaper when she reaches 200 fans!

Chasing Nature Designs is offering you a discount! "For your readers, I'll give $5 off any diaper or 15% off cloth wipes ordered with your blog name!"

Please note that this giveaway has a $3 s&h fee to Canada since it costs "an arm and a leg to ship outside USA". :) FREE shipping in the USA!

This giveaway is for -
"The fitted diaper for the giveaway is my favorite construction. The shell is made out of a designer fabric, one full layer bamboo, heavy organic bamboo fleece in the wet zone, and full layer of bamboo Velour. The soaker is 3 layers bamboo, 1 hobf, and bamboo velour. Also have the option for hybrid, where the shell will contain a hidden layer of fleece for wetness resistance."

You can choose regular or hybrid fitted, girly, boyish, or gender neutral!

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Monica's Rants, Raves & Reviews is not responsible for prize shipment, nor did I receive any compensation for this post. 

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  1. These sound great! I have no little ones anymore, but they sound real absorbent and comfortable :)


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