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GIVEAWAY: Event 13 GUNIHCC Blogiversary! Ends 2/7

Event #13 For My One Year Blogiversary Celebration - Review with Giveaway for Kreative Corner Designs (US and Canada Only, Ends 02/07/13)

I contacted Kerri from Kreative Corner Designs several months ago about being a part of my One Year Blogiversary Celebration and I was very excited when she agreed. She agreed to send me her Silverware With Last Name Vinyl Decal for me to review.

I have hung a couple of other vinyl decals in my home prior to this review so I was pretty sure this would be just as easy to apply! :) I was very excited to try it out!

Well, it is much larger than the picture on her etsy page seemed! There are measurements but I am NO good at seeing a measurement and "seeing" in my mind how big that is. :) 

It was too big to fit behind my stove as shown in the picture. I was a little bit bummed about that. No big deal though, he have a small wall in our kitchen that needed a little something on it anyway - and it was perfectly sized for that wall! :)

When it arrived and I saw just how large it was, I was a bit intimidated. The other vinyl wall decals I have previously used were either a bunch of small/medium pieces to be arranged in any way I wanted (butterflies for Daniella's room) or a bunch of small pieces to be applied in a specific order, labeled with numbers on their sheet with a corresponding picture to show how they all fit together. This was unlike those. This actually had the same instructions that came with the vinyl decals I recently applied on my SUV's window...which was kind of odd. :) And the pieces were much bigger. There were three pieces in all - the outer circle, the inner piece with the silverware cutouts and the name.

My husband, thankfully, was home and willing to help me apply it as where I wanted it on the wall was actually slightly above my head (I am barely 5'1"). 

We began having problems with it almost right away. :(

Part of the piece that the sticky part is applied to that you peel away actually stuck to the decal itself. We picked at it the best we could and finally removed about 99% of it, but I also nicked the vinyl in the process. :( .

Putting up the outer circle was probably the hardest part of all. It didn't stay a perfect circle after we adjusted it (in comparison to how far out it is from the inner circle) multiple times in order to make sure that it was equidistant all around.

After multiple adjustments, the inner circle tore on the outer part of the spoon. See how stretched out the outer circle looks too? After we fixed the tear by realigning the pieces, there was a small bubble that we just could not smooth no matter what we did.

There was another bubble near the fork too.

Applying our last name was probably the easiest part - and the most rewarding because that meant we were finally done! Overall, it really doesn't look bad at all. It is slightly misshapen but that might only really be one of those "because I know it is therefore it looks off to me" sort of things! 

I really like how it looks on the wall. The colors are great! In fact, I had originally asked Kerri to do the silverware part in deep sea blue and the last name in brown. She politely suggested to me it would "look nice but if you overlay the last name on top of the silverware decal it will be a little hard to read. May I suggest if you want to layer the decal to have the last name cut in a lighter color? I have a light brown that would look really good with it." I am so glad that I went with her suggestion! The colors really do go together nicely.

This is one of those tough reviews for me because I can't say that the "issues" we had were due to her design or something that was her "fault". But, we did have some issues with applying it. I would like to suggest if in the future, Kerri may be able to make the pieces of this particular decal in smaller parts to make it easier to hang. Perhaps the outer circle could be cut in half with each side being applied separately? And maybe the inner circle could be split into three parts - from the fork to the outer part of the inner circle, from the for to the spoon and then from the spoon to the outer part of the inner circle? I'm not even sure that would work, but it is just something that I would like to suggest. I do believe that her work is done well and would have NO qualms with purchasing something from her myself. Please do not let my experience hinder you :)

Here is a note from Kerri:

"I'm Kerri the face behind Kreative Corner Designs. I'm the mom of a wonderful teenager daughter and twin boys the wife to a hard working man that supports my dream of being self employed.
Kreative Corner Designs opened its doors in 2009. I’ve always had a dream to own & operate a business. With a lot of hard work, sleepless nights & tons of support from my husband & family my little dream has grown to a wonderful fulfilling business. I enjoy designing and working with vinyl every day I may be slightly addicted! I enjoy working with each of my customers whether it’s just one of my off the shelf products or a custom creation. Through the years I’ve meet & worked with many wonderful people from around the world that I would have never crossed paths with if it were not for this business. Along with my Etsy shop I’ve had the opportunity to team up with Very Jane & KSL Deals."

Kreative Corner Designs has offered a 15% off coupon for you - BLOG15 which is good for the next two weeks only - so if you want to place an order with her  do it quickly! She has many wonderful decals - 

Laundry Today Or Naked Tomorrow Vinyl Decal

His & Hers Wine Glasses

Please Remove Your Shoes Vinyl Decal
Snowflakes Are Kisses From Heaven Vinyl Decal

A Witch Lives Here With Her Little Monsters Vinyl Decal
Sometimes being a BROTHER is better than being a superhero Vinyl Decal

Vinyl Decal Owl And A Tree Branch

Dinosaur Block Set With Custom Name Vinyl Decal

Her prices are VERY reasonable too! Most items range from about $8 to $30!

The giveaway winner will win a $15 credit to Kreative Corner Designs!!!

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