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Giveaway for Growing Up Naturally 1 year Blogiversary! Ends 1/17!

Sharing my friend's Blogiversary Celebration!

Event #2 For My One Year Blogiversary Celebration - Review and Giveaway for Climb On! Intensive Skin Care Products (US Only Ends 01/17/13)

Let me introduce you to Climb On! Products. One of the main things that I love about Climb On! is that they are one of the only food grade skin care products on the market. Their food grade ingredients are NOT refined or bleached cosmetic grade ingredients. They use only therapeutic grade essential oils, not fragrance or synthetic oils because they think that skin care should actually do something for your body and mind. Climb On! is dedicated to using only the highest quality ingredients that yur body recognizes as nutrition for your skin. Our skin is our largest organ. What we put ON our body mattters just as much as what we put IN our body!

I was given a full size 1 oz Lotion Bar and a sample size Lotion Bar and sample size Creme to review. The sample sizes are fantastic for throwing in my purse to use while on the go.

Climb On! Lotion Bar: Can be used on dry cuticles, cracked heels, burns, cuts, scrapes, abrasions, poison ivy, sunburn, windburn, spider bites, eczema, psoriasis...for small areas that need repair or moisturizing. "Never be far from The Bar!" 1.0 oz bar sells for $10.25 and has a 2 year shelf life. A Mini Bar (0.5 oz) sells for $6.25 and has a 2 year shelf life as well.

Ingredients: Food grade apricot kernel, grapeseed and wheatgerm oils, gently filtered yellow beeswax, topocpherol (Vitamin E), therapeutic grade essential oils of lavender and neroli.

The sample size lotion bar was primarily used on a small patch of eczema that I have on my right outer wrist bone area. While the eczema has not faded (it usually only flairs up when I am under a lot of stress - hello, we just left the holiday season and now I am hosting my first big event on my about stress!), the lotion bar has made it feel much better. It doesn't really bother me. It does not itch at all and it is more like a dry, flaky patch now. The lotion bar really helped it.

The full size lotion bar has been solely (lol, pun intended!) for healing my cracked heels. I have very thick cracked heels that have occasionally hurt and/or bled, especially in the winter. Other lotions that I have used have helped moderately for a short period of time. This lotion bar has been amazing on my heels. I apply it at night before bed, add some socks, and by morning, my heels are soft. I cannot believe this difference in them! And they have not bled or hurt once since using the lotion bar on them. After seeing me apply it to my feet, my 2 year old daughter wants to put some on her feet too (she is addicted to lotion!). I let her apply it all by herself. I look at it as, "Well, if she were to take a bite out of it, it can't hurt her!"

Climb On! Creme: Can be used at night as an intense moisturizer for the face, as a body creme and aftershave creme. Good to use on a larger or sensitive areas that may need repair or moisturizing. Apply before and after exposure to the sun, wind, snow to moisturize and protect your skin. "You'll scream if you run out of Creme!". Comes in a 2.3 oz size that sells for $14.50 and a 4.5 oz size that sells for $28.50.

Ingredients: Food grade apricot kernel, grapeseed and wheatgerm oils, gently filtered yellow beeswax, topocpherol (Vitamin E), therapeutic grade essential oils of lavender and neroli Grade A, Organic fair trade shea butter, certified organic aloe vera gel, organic rosehip seed oil.

This I used mainly on a sensitive patch of skin that I have below my "baby pouch" of skin (Mommies, you know what I mean). It gets itchy sometimes and occasionally burns and'or gets scratched open from the itching. This happened about 2 weeks before Christmas. I slathered on the Creme and it literally healed overnight! I have never had it feel better that fast. It usually takes days (3-5!) to heal when this happens. And it has not bothered me since. It usually flared up every 2 or 3 weeks...well, it has been longer than that since applying the Creme!

Climb On! is for everyone!
ALL products are 100% pure, free from fillers, synthetic chemicals, petroleum products, fragrances, and parabens. They are blended by hand to ensure freshness.

Climb On! has graciously sponsored a giveaway prize for all of you! (1) winner will also receive a 1 oz Lotion Bar!

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  1. It will be for ME!
    Thanks for the contest.

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  2. Bad link in Rafflecopter for climb (found it OK)

    Normal Shampoo, 16 oz and conditioner

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  3. I plan on winning it first, then buying.
    Why so many entries for such a little prize?

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