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GIVEAWAY: GUNIHC Event 6 One Year Blogiversary Celebration! Ends 1/24!

Event #6 For My One Year Blogiversary Celebration - Review with Giveaway for Little Jots! (US and Canada Only, Ends 01/24/13)

Little Jots - Vancouver, BC

I was delighted when Little Jots decided to join my One Year Blogiversary Celebration! This Canadian based company is a wonderful addition to a parent/child relationship.

Little Jots are an adorable note set that parents use to communicate and develop a bond with their children. Sure, you COULD use Post-It notes....but these sure are cuter!!! And much more personalized.

They come in an adorable little box.

This is what is inside the box.

How to use them.

Kiss stickers

Hugs stickers

In December, my niece had her Bat Mitzvah in NJ. (We live in GA). Our son has not been able to see his cousins since 2007. We wanted to surprise him with the trip to NJ! So I put this Little Jots note together for him - 

I stapled it into his agenda for school and told him to read it when he got to school.

We were planning to leave to drive straight through to NJ as soon as he got home from school. The car was packed and ready to go.
The whole car ride, he kept talking about the Little Jots note and asking what the surprise was....when am I gettting it? What is the surprise? Where are we going?
We drove all night long to get there and when he woke up we were in NJ! He was thrilled and so excited when he realized where we were and then we told him why we were there!

This was such a great way to tell him and he was so excited about the Little Jots note and how we shared there was a surprise with him. 

There are several pre-written notes included. Here are some examples:

 There are also blank cards inside to write your own! I think these are great tools for parents to use to keep the line of communication open with their child. They are great to put on your child's pillow or in their lunchbox.

Little Jots can be ordered online on their website or they can be purchased at London Drugs, a major drug store in western Canada.

Little Jots has a holiday special running on their website right now through the end of January -

20% off all Little JOTS deluxe (books) plus Free shipping on all orders! No coupon code needed!

Win one of your own!

Monica's Rants, Raves & Reviews is not responsible for prize shipment, nor did I receive any compensation for this posting. 

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