Saturday, December 28, 2013

Where do your pets stay while you're on vacation?

When cat owners go away on vacation, surely their precious feline friends deserve some proper care when no on is home. There are luxurious cat boarding services available that provide excellent treatment for extended overnight stays. Cats are usually fed multiple times a day with premium food that includes dry treats and canned meats or fish. Of course, filtered or bottled water is also served for feline guests to hydrate. Additionally, feline guests can play with a variety of catnip toys usually found at home. Cat boarding services have websites that include "click here" sections for exploring the accommodation options and other features.

While cats are staying at a specialty boarding location, they also receive a reserved bedding area for a comfortable place to rest and sleep. Responsible caregivers keep a watchful eyes as a group of cats stay in safe but spacious boarding areas. Another important amenity in a cat boarding place or "condo" is the litter box. Cat owners can bring their own litter boxes from home. This will make cats feel more comfortable when it's time to relieve themselves at a boarding place. Caregivers immediately clean up all litter boxes and keep the surrounding area looking and smelling clean. 

Guest cats that have claws can practice old habits on scratching posts that are usually provided in cat boarding suites. The most luxurious suites or rooms actually provide complete privacy for each individual cat guest. Social cats also have the chance to play with other fellow feline friends.

Be sure to leave your cats in a responsible place while you're traveling.  You can rest easy knowing that they are being well taken care of!  

Disclosure:  I was compensated for this post, however, the opinions contained herein remain my own.  Yours may differ.
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