Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Products for Horse Care

This is my niece, Allison, with her horses. Do you have a horse or horses? Owning and caring for a horse is a responsibility well beyond that of a pet or type of livestock. Horses take particular care and cannot just be put out to pasture and ignored. No matter why you keep horses: companionship, casual riding, farm and ranch work, or show and competition, you'll need to care for the hooves and feet of the animal. Supplies for doing that care can be found at Anvilbrand.com. They provide everything you'll need for horse feet and hooves including tools, treatments, hoof repair materials, and educational materials to help you care for your horse.

Professional farriers can find the unique supplies they need from this manufacturer. Anvil Brand has been in the business of manufacturing horseshoes, farrier tools, and hoof care products since 1978.

As you know, we're entering the time of year when horses are used more than in the wintertime. Here are some tips for daily care of your horse's hooves and feet:
  • Pick out the horse's feet to remove stones and small objects as well as debris packed around the frog both before riding and before when you put him away at night.
  • Examine the feet for signs of thrush, a puncture wound, cracks, and abscesses.
  • Asses the hooves and feet for general health daily.
If you're familiar with the condition of your horse's hooves and feet, you'll nab flaws and illnesses. Prevention of problems can save time and money. Articles and tips from vets and farriers are published on this website.

A horse's usefulness and comfort depend upon the status of its hooves and legs. Anvil Brand can help you pay the necessary attention to your horse without spending a fortune. Their prices, service, and stock are incomparable.

Disclosure:  This post is a sponsored post, but the opinions remain my own.

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